Top 5 Tablets for Kids in 2017

It is 2017 now and as customers want more from tablet manufacturers, the consumer electronics market bubbles into new trends on all sides. One, in particular, is the kids’ tablet trend and though you might think that there is plenty to go around, this side of the industry is really scarce. We realize that most parents want probably the best parental control features on the tablet that they will let their kids use and they will also prefer it in case it has added extras on it too. So we have scoured around to find any noteworthy tablets for kids and find out in case they give probably the best deals that any parent will want.

Here are five of what we believe is probably the best tablets for children in the market today:

1. LeapFrog Epic –

Designed for kids below five years old, this chunky tablet offers a robust and simple design Android powered UI. Its lifespan is anywhere between two – four years which should be enough to entertain a kid for a particular period of time, so do not expect it to perform beyond its technical capacity. You are able to download in-house apps from LeapFrog; however, they are rather expensive, and apps from Amazon Appstore is actually much cheaper which works with this particular device pretty well. The resolution has low quality with only 1024 x 600 dpi despite having a 7 inch screen display and the colors are also muted. One advantage the LeapFrog Epic has is actually it enables you to produce several user profiles for kids that are different (in case you’ve much more than a single user for it). Its main features include a chunky design, five hours of battery life, simple UI, LeapFrog apps are actually educational which is actually beneficial to kids and it costs $154.7.

2. Amazon Fire HD 6 Kids Edition –

Chose from either pink or perhaps blue chunky case for the Amazon Fire HD six Kids Edition with unlimited Fire For Kids content store, quality that is high and performance as well as its one-of-a-kind accidental damage warranty guaranteed for two years! Amazon included most of the features and performance package in this Kids Edition tablet which is probably why there is an extra premium payments for accessing Amazon Store; however, the trade in is definitely worth it! The 6 inch 1280 x 800 IPS display has high pixel quality, but since it is lesser than the standard seven inches android tablets, reading smaller text was somewhat hard. Electric battery life has a decent 8 hour run to it, but it’ll be cut in half in case you play games on it most of the time. You are going to have full access to fun and child-friendly content in the Fire for Kids app which is actually excellent for the appetite of theirs for learning.

3. Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition –

If you are not pleased with the Fire HD six Kids Edition from Amazon, then you are able to get the Fire HD eight Kids Edition. Aside from the longer battery life which is going to last for twelve hours, the bigger 8-inch display and 32GB internal storage; you’ll also get a free one-year subscription to the Fire For Kids service which includes a lot of TV shows and publications which are specifically for kids. With a sturdy bumbper case along with other features its got, you will surely be happy with what you will get for the money of yours.

4. Kurio Smart –

The Kurio Smart has design that is similar with Lenovo’s Yoga Tablet two which has a detachable keyboard. But while the style is impressive it has features, nonetheless, are just basic. The producers of the Kurio Smart has ditched some USB port and preferred to use instead the HDMI port, that will allow boys and girls to connect it with a larger display screen for any homework tasks; still its 1280 x 800 display won’t be enough for multitasking. It is not particularly effective either. Its Inter Atom quad-core processor is actually as paper tiger, it’s got all good specs on paper but does poorly in actual performance. A maximum of three or perhaps four tabs could be opened when you use it to browse sites on the web and gaming is actually good, just do not play games that require the tab of yours to perform higher compared to its normal price. You are able to use the Kurio Smart for 6 – 7 hours at a single charge too.

5. iPad Mini 2

If you would like a budget-friendly tablet with great specs and features, then the iPad Mini two is actually for you. Although not specifically build for kids, you are able to let them use it provided you envelop it with an impact protection case. The educational OSMO starter kit will be a great add-on with the iPad Mini two in case you have additional cash to purchase it. The tablet runs on Apple’s iOS nine which has great parental features that will make it safe enough to allow your children handle it on their own. It enables you to control the Safari web browser to restrict any adult content from popping up as well as install new apps. Additionally, the app also enables you to block all access to podcasts and music with explicit content, and/or TV shows with adult content or perhaps themed. You will have access to thousands of apps, games and eBooks with Apple’s App Store. While the Apple iPad Mini two is actually priced at $414.7 you can make sure of the great quality of its both in physical specs and software features


Top 5 Music Apps for Android Phones in 2017

We all love to listen to music on the go. Having a music app on your android device is a common these days. Streaming services have become very more popular. This has made life easier for music lovers on the Android platform. To give a brief insight into the trending music apps on the Android platform, we have compiled a list of the top 5 music apps for Android in 2017.

  1. Amazon Music.

Amazon Music has tons of music for listeners. It has music for all kinds of music lovers. Any kind of music genre that you love to listen to – you get it here. This is a really awesome app with over thousands of curated playlists.

  1. Spotify

Spotify has a huge collection of music libraries in the world. It was one of the first music streaming services to have gained so much popularity. Its user-friendly features make it a great choice not just for music listeners but for music artists as well. If you are a music artist on Spotify, you must need a lot of followers to make your music popular. Websites like Spotify On Fire can be a great tool to get followers for your Spotify plays. Spotify On Fire does a great job in lifting up budding artists on Spotify and making them shine out.

  1. YouTube Music

Unlike the YouTube video app, YouTube Music is a dedicated music player app. It offers all the music from YouTube’s music library. It is a great app for music lovers who love to listen to music on the go.

  1. Apple Music

Apple Music comes with a lot of refreshing features. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing throughout your day, you will find music for all kind of activities and mood to keep you going through the day.

  1. Google Play music

Google Play Music is a platform that has over 35 million songs. When you subscribe to Google Play Music, you don’t just get access to unlimited songs, you get access to the numerous podcasts that are a part of the platform. Additionally, Google play gives you access to YouTube Red which lets you view YouTube videos without advertisement. All these features make Google Play an app that is worth your time.


While these were some of the best music streaming apps for Android, there are virtually endless ways to listen to music nowadays. While some apps let you stream music, others give you access to awesome radio stations. And still other gives you access to music videos. You get a lot of choices these days. So, it is really crucial to understand which app can suit your need in the best way.

We hope we could give you a brief understanding about the best android music apps along with their features. However, if you think we missed out any of the awesome music apps that should have been on the list, tell us about them in the comment section. Thanks for reading!


How To Save A Failing Relationship

Relationships generally start off full of bliss, enjoyment and fun, and there is no far better feeling than that ‘brand-new relationship’ feeling.

What exactly are the things to do in order to save a relationship when love is falling apart?

Once you begin seeing several signs of a failing connection you start to stress and might actually start acting and reasoning irrationally– possibly muttering to yourself, “Please help me save my relationship,” which really doesn’t support the circumstance one bit.

Of course, it is great you are acknowledging you have to save the relationship of yours, but just you know within yourself if you’re holding onto fantasy or truth.

The way you act right now can make or perhaps break the relationship of yours. So in case you want to look for means to save a failing connection then the following pointers may be helpful to you.

Exactly what is the Problem in the Relationship?

In case they are not resolved, all love and relationships are going to have several issues, but some issues are actually worse compared to others and these issues are actually the ones that will break a relationship.

Also, the small problems need to have looked into at the source when viewing things to do in order to save a relationship, although they’re tiny, they are able to build up slowly and grow to be the root cause of love as well as relationships failing.

Speak to Your Partner about the Problem

A relationship is actually a 2 person journey and you are able to not solve all problems on your own.

Don’t just attempt to cope with the issue yourself. If there is an issue in your relationship, you are going to need to sit down with the partner of yours and talk about it.

By talking about some problems that you’ve then you are able to both pursue solving the problem and figure out how to save the relationship of yours.

Can you and your Partner Still Love One another?

Love is actually an extremely powerful tool and in case you both still appreciate one another, then simply you must be in a position to make use of the source to save the relationship of yours.

When you are able to keep the above tips in mind, it’s possible to save a failing connection which has issues.

Love is actually a two-way street and you both want to feel love towards one another and be focused on saving the relationship of yours.

If there’s nonetheless a twinkle of love, could a relationship be preserved?

Indeed, obviously, hope is actually among the top part of the list of things to do in order to save a relationship.

In order to save a failing relationship, very first understand that almost all relationships will have a number of problems. However, some challenges are actually worse compared to others, and those issues are actually the ones that will break a relationship in case they are not resolved.

In order to save the relationship of yours, it’s crucial to determine some problems and work through them collectively.


By speaking about any problems that you’ve you are able to both work toward further things to do in order to save a relationship and fixing the issues which a lot of other love and relationships simply do not address.

Have a willingness and readiness to do just what it takes to save your relationship.

Remember, it’s possible to save a failing connection when in the heart of yours you’re asking, “Help me save my relationship.”

Just remember the above ideas for solutions to save a relationship.

Tips On Creating An Online Dating Profile

Your first impression is your last impression. Well, it might very well be the case in online dating. Considering this, you need to create an eye-catching profile on any dating site you choose to be part of. However, there are other factors that you need to look into before really hopping into online dating. Here are a few tips that can guide you to come up with the perfect profile for your dating site.

Tip#1. Set your best solo picture in your profile.

You really need to care about how you look in your profile. Make sure you find the perfect picture to display in your profile. It is great to have a picture with an object in it. For instance, you could have your guitar or your bike in the picture. This can send a message to people about your tastes. Display a picture taken recently. Do not make the mistake of posting pictures from years back.

Tip#2. Avoid clichés

Use simple topics to start a conversation. Let the conversation take a natural flow. Do not make the blunder of coming up with catchy lines. This can get you nowhere.

Tip#3. Develop sociable habits

When you have your profile on a dating site, a lot of people are going to come across it. You need to show them that you are sociable. For this, it is important to have some hobbies that are sociable. For instance, you could have any outdoor sport that you like listed as your hobby. This can help in letting you come across as an interesting person.

Tip#4. Be honest and specific.

For a serious online relationship, it is important to not lie to the other person. Do not hide anything and try to be specific about whatever you speak about yourself.

Tip#5. Give a brief description of your career and ambitions.

It takes courage to have a great ambition and even more to let others know about it. It can be a really attractive characteristic. Be clear about where you are going in life and do not hesitate to let others know about it.

Tip#6. Make it clear what you are looking for in your partner.

The whole point of getting your profile on a dating site is to find someone special. It is really important that you let others know what kind of person you are looking to date. This will help you and others to save a lot of time. You won’t have to interact with people who actually are not in your interest zone.

Tip#7. Stay updated on the privacy policy of the site.

Privacy is something that nobody wants to compromise. Be sure to remain updated about the privacy policies of the site. When you sign up for a site, you provide a lot of info to the site. Make sure that this info remains safe. While most of the dating sites require you to sign up, there are ‘no register dating sites’ where users can start chatting for free without having to give any information to the site. This kind of no register dating sites is really helpful for those who do not want to pay for dating. After all, love is not something that can be bought by money.

Staying Secure on Social Networking Sites

There are few areas in which we ought to be careful so that we remain secure and enjoy the time spent on social networking sites.

Password – This is the most crucial aspect and truly needs a significant level of emphasis. A lot of people commit silly mistakes while creating a password for their account. While registering on social network sites or perhaps any site, always remember to develop a stealthy password. It’s very simple for you to create passwords like “yourfullname” or “name123”, but at the same time, it is dreadfully easy for the hacker to try out these types of passwords when he is attempting to get into the account of yours. Always use alpha-numeric string in combination with some unique characters. The same criteria must be followed while creating the security question for password retrieval. Select the question that only you are able to answer and no one else or even choose a very common question with a complicated or perhaps completely different answer.

Privacy – I know you won’t ever share the private information of yours with anyone, that is good. But keep your private info always private. An individual cannot remember hundreds of passwords created with complex combinations and would normally store them somewhere. Make sure that the database of yours of passwords is safe, protected and out of reach of anyone.

Watch out for the coding – A few months back, it was rather common practice on Orkut to paste some javascript code in the address bar of the browser and witness some funny or weird thing. Refrain from such practices. They are able to lead to serious damage and still remain elusive for the typical user. They might send out personal information or messages or perhaps some other sensitive info which could be misused by the third party.

Look out for the downloads – It’s very tempting to download some small game, software program or perhaps any other file totally free of cost. Be absolutely careful about such downloads especially files with an extension .vb and .exe from the social network sites since they do not offer such kind of downloads. These files are actually malicious software or perhaps viruses which infect the system of yours and may start sending spam messages on your behalf.

Applications – With the rapid development of social networking sites, we’re also witnessing the development of several applications that may be used on these sites. Individuals have a tendency to love making use of these little applications. But they should be installed only in case they are supplied by the website or perhaps verified by them, else can severely compromise not only the security of your system or account but also your network.

External Links – The links which lead you out of the social network should be dealt carefully. They might divert you to harmful sites where your integrity and security might get compromised. It’s much better to click only those links which have been posted by folks whom you trust. If the text accompanying the link is actually bit enticing, then it’s better to execute a query on a search engine. It is going to display a bit of info which will help the individual to decide upon the relevancy of the resource in question.

Anti-virus software program is actually a great choice – Even the most conscientious surfer is able to fall prey to the tactics of evil. Thus it is usually better to have the updated anti-virus software installed on the product. It will always check the system for threats and can make it possible to keep the system secure.

Internet Fame

The internet age has brought with it a lot of opportunities. One of these many opportunities is to get famous using the internet. There are a lot of resources on the web that helps you to show your talent to the world and earn good name and fame. These resources are in fact the most convenient ways to get famous in a short span of time.

Youngsters have nowadays changed the outlook to earning fame. Gone are the days when people had to plan and work hard to get famous. The present-day internet gives you the opportunity to get famous by practically doing nothing as such. You can do everyday activities, record them on your device and share it on the internet. If it has even a little bit of the funny element, you can definitely consider it as your first step towards internet fame.

There are a lot of sites which help you gain popularity. Let’s take a closer look at two of them for a better understanding of the process involved in getting fame through these sites.

  1. Reddit

Reddit is a popular place on the internet. It is like a bulletin board where you can share content in the form of texts or links. You get a lot of credibility when your content happens to get to the top page of the bulletin board.  Getting valuable content on your subreddits can help you build a good reputation on this platform. Your posts can rise to the top or go down depending on your upvotes. To get to the top, it is essential to get a minimum of ten upvotes immediately.  When you don’t get too many votes, your posts will be less attention-grabbing. So basically, upvotes are the means to get your posts to a good position. Getting more of them can push your post to the top sooner. One very reliable source to get more upvotes for your Reddit posts is We have used the services from and found it very professional and legit.

  1. YouTube

YouTube has been a means to gain quick popularity for many people. And by quick I mean real quick. YouTube viral videos are a trend nowadays. While most of the viral videos are natural and original, there are others which are curated to get the status of viral videos. Working on these platforms on a consistent basis can be really beneficial for internet popularity. There are a lot of examples of people becoming popular through YouTube. One great example of such a YouTuber is PewDiePie. For those who do not know about him, he is the guy who has the most number of subscribers on YouTube. He took a great risk dropping his formal education mid-way and focusing on building his YouTube channel. And now, being the most subscribed user on YouTube, he has earned the kind of fame that was probably not possible to achieve had he followed his formal education.


There was a time when fame was reserved for just a group of elite people. But now times have changed. With the ease of access to the internet, anyone can get fame quickly using a few clever means to circulate the content and get it shared as much as possible.


Pros and Cons of the Weight Watcher Points Calculator

If you have started feeling uncomfortable carrying your weight, it is high time for you to consider a weight loss program. A healthy diet with the right amount of exercise can help you reduce a considerable amount of weight from your body.  It will help you keep most of the major diseases at bay. Additionally, exercise can boost your confidence and provide you a sense of well-being.

To reap the benefits of a healthy diet program, it is recommended that you track your diet on a regular basis. To help you do this, the Weight Watchers Points Calculator can come in handy.

In order to get total benefit of the Weight Watcher Points Calculator, users must get a good understanding about the calculator and how it really works. This particular article gives a short perspective of the pros and cons of the Weight Watchers Points Calculator. This can hopefully enable you to make a decision whether to use Weight Watcher Points Calculator or not.



  • This calculator allows you to have a nutritious diet plan that is important for healthy lifestyle and dieting.
  • The calculator gives real output. The weightwatcher does not have to stay tired or hungry following this calculator.
  • The calculator does not only provide the dieters a good weight loss program but additionally educates the dieters on the nutritional values of the stuff they eat.
  • This calculator solves the worry of cutting out on eating all your favourite dishes. There is no restriction to eating any kind of food.



  • The use of weight watchers points calculator can be a hindrance to self-discipline and confidence. Using them frequently makes you totally dependable on them each time you are taking a meal.
  • The product marketing of the weight watchers points calculator is actually carried out in an extremely intense manner to the potential clients. The process is made to appear quite simple which actually is not.
  • Dieters end up fixated with food as a result of the extreme focus on managing points as per the weight watcher point calculator.
  • The advertising for the weight watcher point calculator promises you that you do not need to compromise on your food. The fact, however, is that you are able to just consume a portion of your favourite meal when you are using weight watchers points calculator.

It is clear that the weight watcher point calculator provides both negative and positive outcomes for the weightwatcher. While this works for many, it might not work for everybody. Understanding all of the elements and performing a detailed self-analysis is the answer to realize whether it is ideal for you or not.

Exercise and weight loss can do wonders to your body. However, it is always better to get the advice of a doctor before getting into any diet plan. This can ensure you that you remain safe by not overdoing something which is harmful to your body in the long run.

We hope the piece of content was informative and useful for you. Please let us know your thoughts on it in the comment section below. Thank you for reading!