Skype Chat Rooms – The Easy Way for a Group to Talk

Skype Chat Room is yet another revolutionary business idea introduced by the Skype group in 2015, as a part of their Skype for Business Server 2015. The idea behind this feature is to facilitate the connection of multiple peers in one place for multiple sessions in a secure environment.

The advantage of using a chat room as opposed to using a normal group chat, is that a chat room can be used multiple times instead of being used just once or as long as the creator of the group chat is online or does not exit the group chat. This allows the data of the conversations to be saved for long periods of time. These chat rooms can also be modified in different ways, such as:

  • Normal: A normal chat room is no different to other chat rooms, in terms of its core function, which is, all users will be able to post and read messages.
  • Auditorium: In a case of an auditorium chat room, one user is given a special privilege known as a Presenter. In these chat rooms only the Presenter can post messages, where as the other users will only be able to read the messages, thus creating a basic auditorium like effect to the chat room.

In addition to types of rooms, there are also different types of chat room users, such as:

  • End User: A normal member of the room.
  • Presenter: Is the only person allowed to post in an auditorium chat room.
  • Administrator: Can create, modify or/and delete the contents of the chat room or even the chat room as a whole.
  • Manager: Can modify or/and delete the contents of the page, however, a manager cannot delete the chat room.

Hence, the usage of Skype chat rooms makes life so much easier for not just business personnel but even for groups of friends to connect in one place for long periods of time. This is yet another feature that makes Skype stand out from the rest.


How to use wifikill without root

As we all know, rooting the phone is mentioned as one of the requirements for using wifi kill pro. But, a lot of us do not want to root our phone as it voids our warranty and reduces security. So, this article is for all those people who do not want to root their phones.

There may be a way to get the benefits of wifikill pro without rooting. There is no way of installing the application without rooting the phone, but that does not mean you cannot get the benefits of wifikill. There are many alternatives to the app which allow us to monitor our wifi network and kick users without rooting the phone.

Using WifiKill without Root

Here are some ways to control our wifi network without wifikill –

1. Use the router interface – You can do everything that wifikill can do, but you do not even need to install an application. You just need a web browser installed on your android device.

Follow the steps below in order to view connected users and kick them from your network –

  1. Open web browser and visit
  2. Enter login details (Default : Username – admin | Password – admin)
  3. Visit wireless statistics tab on the left sidebar (You can see all connected devices here)
  4. Click on the disable or disconnect tab, next to the device you want to disable.
  5. That’s it!

2. Use Netcut – This is a similar application available for both android and desktop, you can download this free app and get the same features as wifi kill. Some people even say that this app is a lot better and has a better user interface.

These 2 ways should solve your problem. Unfortunately, if you want to use wifi kill and do not want an alternative, rooting is a compulsory process for you.

Hope this helps!