10th Pass jobs on the rise

There was a time when 10th pass students did not have many job opportunities, but that time has long passed now. There are a lot of jobs for 10th pass students where they can start to build their career and earn some money.

Why do students want a job instead of pursuing higher education?

There are a lot of reasons due to which students may want to leave their education and start pursuing their career so early in life.  Some of the reasons are listed below –

  • In third world countries 10th pass is considered a decent level of education and easily accepted in the society.
  • Students may have to leave education due to financial needs of the family.
  • Some students even pursue higher education from open schools and work simultaneously.

pexels-photo-140945 (1)

How and why jobs for 10th are pass students increasing?

A lot of companies require employees for clerical jobs that does not require skill. Candidates who have low level of qualification are the best candidates for such jobs. Low level of qualification means lower salary expectations, which becomes the selling point for such companies. In recent years companies have started to realize this fact and started looking for graduates.

Additionally, young employees are more likely to do what they are told, they can be disciplined and have more enthusiasm and zeal to grow in the company.


This trend of increasing jobs for 10th pass students can be really beneficial for both students and companies. The IT sector has also taken benefit of this trend and there are a lot of websites like http://JobBazaarIndia.com , http://Indeed.com and others offering jobs for this sector.


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