Help Your Students By Giving A Motivational Speech

Students rely on help from multiple sources and one of the most effective and applicable is a motivational speech. Of course, the success of a motivational speech in helping students will depend on the context, choice of speech and the speaker but overall, it is still a very effective strategy. There are a lot of things you can talk about in your speech, but can find a list of great motivational speech topics here.


What to say in the speech to motivate students?

It is extremely important to filter the content of your speech and deliver your speech with energy, enthusiasm and facts. Here are some points to consider before giving the speech –

  1. Appeal to their emotion and determination – When giving a motivational speech to help students, make sure that you don’t make empty statements. Let each statement touch on their sense of determination and the emotions that they have surrounding success. By using phrases that they can relate to, the students are more likely to listen to the speech and understand the message that you are trying to put across.
  2. Give them hope – A moving motivational speech has to be one that gives hope to the students. The biggest issue that students face is feeling helpless and without control of their situation or circumstances. That is why you should make sure that the motivational speech that you give to help them is encouraging. Make them believe in themselves and their abilities to tackle any problem.
  3. Give them a success story – There is nothing more appealing than a success story in your motivational speech to help students. This should be a story of triumph that works as an example for the students. It helps them realize that they are not the only ones who have faced similar problems and they are not alone. It also helps them understand that they can make it in life, just as the characters in the success story.
  4. Make sure that you have credible authority – As a speaker, students are more likely to listen to you if you have credibility. You have to have some amount of authority that serves as proof of your authenticity. It shows that you are not a liar who is just toying with their emotions and you are genuinely concerned for them and ready to help them. They will, therefore, respect your opinion and guidance. Aside from that, a more powerful motivational speech is expected from an authority figure.
  5. Relieve some of the pressure – Students are under constant stress to succeed, whether in exams or in the job market. You can use your speech to ease some of that pressure for them. In your motivational speech to help students, make jokes and laugh with them just so that they can understand that even though you have many responsibilities, and are a successful individual with a lot of stress, you can still handle it while smiling.



Depending on how well your motivational speech is delivered and how strong the message is, you can hope to help at least two-thirds of the students that listen to your speech.


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