How Do Mutual Funds Work

The age-old custom of keeping your money in a savings account in banks is gradually getting replaced by various other means of utilizing money. A lot of new investment options have come up in the recent times. These investment options have performed beyond expectations. There are various options for investment today. Among these, one of the simplest yet effective investment options today are mutual fund investments.

Let’s take a closer look at mutual funds to understand how it works and what benefits it can bring you.

Companies dealing in mutual funds collect money from the investors and look for profit-yielding options such as stocks, debt instruments, etc. of various companies. The money invested by individual investors are pooled together by the fund managers and are set up to be used mostly for infrastructural developments and various other innovative projects by various companies and agencies.

Investments made in mutual funds grow by the averaging of return-cost ratio and the power of compounding. When you hand over your money to the fund managers for investment, you give them the responsibility to manage your funds in such a way that brings you maximum profit. The returns made by your money are reinvested at a constant rate every year.  The interests and dividends also keep growing consistently. This is the reason for a substantial increase in the amount you invested at the end of the investment period. This is the basic principle behind the working of mutual funds.

How investment in mutual funds can benefit you?

Investing in mutual funds can fulfil a lot of necessities of an individual. Here are some of the benefits you get from mutual fund investment:

  • You can learn to manage your expenses
  • You can earn extra from your savings.
  • You can create extra income that can support you to meet unforeseen expenses.
  • You can secure your future.
  • You can contribute to the overall economic welfare of the country.

What are the costs involved in mutual fund investment?

While mutual fund investment brings in a lot of profit, there are some expenses involved in the process. The various costs involved in mutual fund investment include asset management costs, transaction costs, holding fees and other taxes. The amount that is actually invested is the amount derived after deducting all these expenses. In spite of all these expenses, mutual funds really do well in the long run. Such is the power of compounding. Investing for a long term is therefore advisable to get better returns on your investments. So, if you are looking for an investment plan that gives you the returns similar to stock investment but with lesser risk, mutual funds are the right choice for you. To calculate and compare mutual fund returns, visit www.sipinvestment

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How To Get Started On YouTube

If you are thinking about starting a YouTube channel, here are some tips that can help you build your channel and get you initial subscribers for your channel.

  1. Choose a specific niche

Before actually getting started with the task of building your channel, you have to figure out the right niche for your channel. This should be something that you are really interested in and have some knowledge about. Make sure to target your videos for a specific target audience. Making videos on YouTube about random topics doesn’t really help. If you have two or more interests and you wish to make videos for those, you can, of course, create different channels for them.

  1. Use the right video editing software

This is where most YouTubers struggle. When you are planning to upload videos on a regular basis, it is important that you offer your subscribers a qualitative video quality. Besides, using good video editing software your viewers will get the impression that you are a professional Youtuber.

  1. Put up amazing content

Good audio and video content, when edited the right way, can make your videos captivating. Once you have created your videos, make sure to go through the videos thoroughly and edit the parts that seem unimportant or unappealing. The more effort you put into your videos, the more the audience will connect with the hard work and sincerity behind it. This will certainly bring you more views for your videos and more subscribers for your channel.

  1. Be consistent

If you really want more people to subscribe to your channel and increase the number of views for your videos, you have to be very consistent in uploading videos. Prepare a weekly or monthly schedule for your channel. Work on it and stick to it come what may. When you are actually consistent on your channel and uploading videos on a regular basis, your audience will get to know your schedule and will anticipate your videos. This will help you retain your existing subscribers and get new subscribers as well.

  1. Channel Intro

Having a channel intro for all your videos will let viewers understand the kind of content you have for them. Try to make the intro short but interesting. Give them a gist of what is inside the video so that they know what they can expect from you in future.

  1. Call for action

At the end of every video, include a ‘call for action’ asking your viewers to like and share the video and subscribe to the channel. Also, ask them to press the bell icon so that they get notifications every time you upload a new video.

Additional Tip:

When you create amazing video content, your videos will get more likes. However, you have to make sure to get some dislikes too just to maintain a balance. This makes your videos more seem more natural.

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How To Check If Someone Is Stealing Your WiFi

Is your internet constantly slow? Chances are that someone next door may be stealing your WiFi. When WiFi leechers have access to your network, besides slowing down your connection, they may actually get their hands on your shared folders if you are not strict with your security measures. Before you freak out, we would like to let you know that you can find out if your WiFi is actually being stolen and do something about it.

So, let’s take a look at the various methods you could use to get rid of wireless intruders.

  1. Check your wireless router indicator lights

Wireless routers come with indicator lights that show the internet connectivity, network connections and wireless activities. Shut down all your devices connected to your wireless network and see if the wireless light indicating connected devices is still blinking. This will let you know if your wifi connection is being used by someone without your consent.

  1. Check the router device list

Changing your router security settings is one of the best ways to stop people from snooping in to your wireless network. To do this, you have to login to your console using your router’s IP address. Type the IP address in a browser window. Login to your router using your admin and password credentials.

Look for the section that shows connected devices. You will find a list that shows you IP addresses, MAC addresses and device names of the connected devices. Compare the connected devices to your gear to check if there are uninvited users.

So, you found authorized devices. Now what?

Once you find unauthorized devices connected to your network, you can set up a new password that will prevent access to these devices. However, if you want more information about the intruders, you will have to take the help of some reliable network monitoring software.

  1. Network monitoring software

Software like Netcut offers you more advanced features that can give you more control over your network and make you feel safer. Be it protection from ARP SPOOF attacks or changing MAC addresses, Netcut comes with a lot of functionalities. This is one of the most recommended software that can help you kick people off your wifi network.

The key takeaway

Whether you discover an intruder or not, you still have to very cautious with your wireless network security. Make sure that you have set up the router properly without leaving any security loopholes. This will save you a lot of time and effort and ensure that your wireless network remains out of reach of unwanted users.

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The Advantages Of A Wireless Network

Have you experienced WiFi connectivity at public locations? Places like airports, bus terminals, metro stations and hotels give you free access to the internet. Have you ever thought as to how your internet works without your devices being connected to a wired network? Talking about a network, it is the collection of computers and devices interlinked thorough communication channels which helps users to communicate and share or exchange resources. Networks are basically categorized into wired network and wireless network.

The difference in a wired network and a wireless network is that in a wireless network the end nodes are interconnected without any wire or cable. This makes it a completely virtual experience. The information travels through electromagnetic waves and takes the execution at the physical layer of the OSI model. Most wireless networks are based on IEEE 802.11 standard. It gives us the flexibility to make contact with the internet or intranet without any physical medium. Without the use of cables and wires, a wireless network gives you a hassle-free experience.

There are many advantages of the wireless network. Here are some of them:

  1.  Increased Mobility

This is one of the greatest advantages of using the wireless connection. Most businesses prefer this type of connection as it enables them to access the internet anywhere from within their premises.

The use of the wireless network has enabled employees to collaborate with co-workers and get things done faster.

  1. Enhanced Productivity

Being connected to a wireless network, employees feel free to work and collaborate where and when they want to. This has speeded up the working process and increased productivity. However, if you are an employer, you would want to make sure that your employees do not use too much data on recreational activities on the network. To do this, you can use tools like Wifi kill which gives you full control of a wifi network. Wifi kill is an android app which lets you see all the users connected to the network, kick them from the network and check what they are doing on the network.

  1. Public Wi-Fi hotspots

The availability of the wireless network through public Wi-Fi hotspots has enabled people to reach the internet even when they are away from office or home. Most offices allow employees to connect to their business network remotely. This has made it easier for people to work remotely from public places like coffee shops, railway stations, hotels and airports which have Wi-Fi hotspots.

  1. Cost Effective

Compared to a wired network connection, a wireless connection is much more cost-effective. Hardwired networks are expensive to install. The expenses scale up with the expansion of the network. Other than the cost of cabling, there is an additional cost of installation throughout the premises. This expense can be repetitive as you will have to bear the cost every time you plan to expand the network.

  1. Safety

One of the best things about a wireless connection is that it doesn’t involve wires. This takes away the risk of tripping over cables that wired connectivity requires.

Famous Inspiring stories of Entrepreneurs

When you are new to the world of entrepreneurship, you might do good with some advice and inspiration. Learning a thing or two about famous entrepreneurs will definitely help you in making better decisions and take you a long way in your entrepreneurial journey. Reading inspiring stories of entrepreneurs can give you a morale boost and drive you towards your greatest dreams. There is nothing wrong about replicating some ideas from the lives of successful entrepreneurs and trying them on your own.

One of the most inspiring stories of entrepreneurs would be of the creator of PayPal, Elon Musk. PayPal is something that people practically use daily, either for business or personal needs.Besides changing the way people transact, PayPal enabled small businesses to take advantage of indirect credit card payments and enjoy a safer and more secure online transaction. PayPal was later acquired by eBay for $1.5 billion in stock.

Another great story of entrepreneurship would be that of the creators of the internet’s greatest sensation, YouTube. The service was created by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim. The cultural diversity in the group of founders makes their achievement even more impressive. This was a revolutionary service that led to the creation of viral marketing in a true sense. Every person now has the power to reach out to the world. All these because of the innovations of the creators of this amazing internet platform called YouTube. The company was later bought by Google in 2006 for $1.6 billion.

Another fascinating story is that of the creator of Facebook, the man who revolutionized the way people get connected online. Facebook is now one of the most powerful web 2.0 tools as well as one of the most visited sites in the world today. Facebook is quite incredible and the man behind it, Mark Zuckerberg is just as fascinating. The story of this genius and his creation was so interesting that it caught the attention of Hollywood and soon it was adapted into the critically acclaimed movie “The Social Network”.

The social networking site has indeed grown by leaps and bounds over the years. Till date, it continues to be an unparalleled creation. Today it is being accessed by people all over the world in search of their lost contacts and friendships. Besides, remaining socially connected, you can use the website as a business tool to advertise your business and reach out to more and more people. The site has only been constantly adding features since past few years. It continues to remain a cult favourite despite new social platforms.

These were some of the stories of inspiration of the most famous entrepreneurs. The common thing you will find in all these entrepreneurs is there undying dedication and willpower to tackle any kind of situation. This is what you really need to be successful as an entrepreneur.

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Here’s How You Can Lose Belly Fat Without Exercise

Losing belly fat without exercising is absolutely possible. However, you need to have the mindset to do what it takes to achieve that goal. If you need some inspiration to get started, think about the good feeling you will get when you lose those extra fats from your body. You will look more attractive and it will help you avoid many types of diseases.

Most of us make ourselves so busy with work that we do not have the time to exercise. For those people you are really not able to schedule some time for exercising, you can follow these guidelines that will help you to lose as much belly fat as possible.

1. Lower the intake of sugar

This is the first thing you need to consider when you think about losing belly fat. Replace your sugar intake with proteins, whole grains and vegetables.

Adding cinnamon powder to your tea or coffee helps in reducing belly fat by stabilizing blood sugar levels.

2. Drink lots of water

8 glasses of water is a must when you want to lose belly fat. Water doesn’t have the properties for reducing belly fats. However, if you take water as a replacement for high-calorie beverages like fruit juice, milk, tea and alcoholic beverages, you reduce your calorie intake to a great extent which helps in losing belly fat.

3. Get enough sleep

Based on a research, we can say that when you sleep less your body stimulates appetite and makes you eat more. When you have a good sleep (8 hours), your hunger hormones remain normal and you do not feel the urge to eat more.

4. Increase your protein intake

Protein is one of the most essential nutrients for overall weight loss. Increase in protein in your diet will increase your metabolism. It will reduce your cravings and make you feel fuller.

5. Eat more fiber

Losing belly fat requires eating fiber. It will slow down the absorption of sugars and carbs and make it less likely to store fat.

6. Eat good carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are considered to make you fat. But, not every carbohydrate is bad. Some carbs contain minerals and vitamins that are good for the body. Choosing your carbs the right way can help you lose belly fat and get into the right shape. Brown rice, cereal fiber, dark bread, bulgur wheat are some sources of good carbs you can include in your diet.

7. Consume Dairy Foods

Dairy products such as yogurt, buttermilk and cheese help in digestion and also help you lose those extra pounds. They make you feel fuller and you won’t need to eat for a long time.


Losing belly fat is possible when you are fully aware of the food you need to avoid and the ones you need to take more. However, you will need to be consistent with your diet to get the best results from these foods.

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How to Lose Belly Fat and Get Six Pack Abs

Getting a desirable body is every man’s dream. But the dream is very difficult to turn into reality unless you have the willpower and determination to make the effort to give shape to your dreams. It might be difficult but not impossible provided that you compliment your nutritional intake with the right kind of workouts. Here is a simple and generalized guide that shows you the essential factors for getting six pack abs:

The right nutrition:




This is one of the most important aspects that should be paid attention to when starting off with your six pack abs building program. The recommended diet is to break your daily food intake into 5 or 6 smaller meals rather than 3 big meals. Completely do away with foods like white bread, pasta, soda, candy, dessert, fast food, hydrogenated oils and sugars which create that layer of fat on your abs. Replace them with healthier foods like vegetables, eggs, chicken, fish, protein, oatmeal, whole grain bread, nuts, fresh fruits and green tea. Drink lots of water.


Cardio, weightlifting and specific abdominal exercises are must for getting that ripped six pack abs look. The six pack abs workout should be done at least 4 times a week. While walking, running, cycling, swimming, etc all belong to the cardio work out schedule, the trick is to do them together at intervals.

For instance, if you walk for a minute, then run for about 15 minutes and you could repeat this 5 times. This type of cardio workout should be done twice a week. Weightlifting should also be included in the six pack abs workout program. Try to do this for 30 to 45 minutes, twice a week. Combine this workout schedule with specific Indian diet for six pack abs to get the best results.



Six pack abs workouts involve crunches and sit-ups. But there are some other specific exercises, which if done consistently can result in the desired effect. Here are some simple points to remember while you are focusing on six pack abs workouts:

  • Irrespective of what type of abs workouts you do, remember to do them in a rotation for at least thrice a week. Each of these sessions should not be more than 20 minutes which means that you are devoting about an hour a week exclusively for your abs workouts.

  • During each of these 3 or 4 sessions a week, remember that you are doing no less than 15 but not more than 20 repetitions per set. This means that in the 20-minute abs workout session, you must include sets of 15 or 20 repetitions.

  • Never overdo any exercise even if you have the energy for doing it. It is necessary for you to know that to get six pack abs it takes a little time and you can not achieve this in a hurry, however hard you try.

While you won’t lose belly fat and get six pack abs overnight, consistent workouts and a healthy Indian diet for six pack abs can help you achieve that goal. Therefore, be careful about what you feed your body. Learn how to integrate your diet plan into your fitness routine to get the desired results.