The Perks Of HD Televisions

A few years back there was some hype about HD technology. Most of the talk was around how HD technology was changing the way people view Television. We are currently at a time when this technology is at a rapid evolving stage. There are now more superior versions of HD TV. This article is about the benefits of HD TV and why they are popular all over the world.

Why HD TV?

1. Superior Picture Resolution

HD Televisions can pick up and transmit High Definition signals and provide a higher image resolution than most other televisions which do not offer HD technology. The result is superior image quality.

2. Increased Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio of a regular digital TV is essentially 4:3. On the other hand, the aspect ratio of a High Definition TV is 16:9. What this means is that HD televisions have a much clearer picture quality than digital televisions.

3. Surround Sound – Dolby A3 Digital

Most HD Televisions come with Dolby A3 digital surround sound technology. This is one of the biggest differences you can notice in HD TV and the regular digital TV.

Which is the best HD Television?

There is a simple thing people want these days. That is comfort and convenience. This is the age of luxury. This is the time to get the most use of technology for living a comfortable lifestyle and making the best use of whatever technological innovations exist for human comfort. High Definition Televisions are the best things in the communication industry. There are TVs with the best quality display. Some of the best HD TVs in the market are from Samsung. This is the company that has revolutionized the television manufacturing industry.

The company actually use pixels per inch innovative technology that gives an amazing experience to the viewers. Besides the visual appeal, Samsung HD TVs have other interesting features such as powerful Dolby Surround Sound. This is what makes this TV brand one of the best in the world market. 

If you are new to the concept of pixels per inch, here is a website that will help you get an idea of this concept. You can even use this website to calculate the pixels per inch or PPI of your digital devices.

Those were some of the best things about HD TV. 

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A Drive In The Rain

It was a cold December night and I was in my car driving home from work. The whip of rain outside was unusual at this time of the year. However, there were other things that were going through my mind at that moment. One part of me wanted to hold on to these thoughts while there was another part of me which dreaded at these thoughts and didn’t want to think about them. These were the thoughts of getting a divorce from my wife, Karen.

Karen and I have been married for five years now. There had always been some kind of a connection between us (Karen and me) and the rain. It was a rainy day like this when I met her for the first time. It was another rainy day when I proposed her. We had our first kiss on a rainy day and there were a lot of other things that happened on rainy days. It was raining when we had our first fight. It was raining last month when she left home never to return.


As the droplets of rain caressed the window panes, I couldn’t help but think of my misery. There were days when I used to think about spending the night outside just to get rid of my wife. Today is another day like this except that there is no wife to get rid of now. Driving all the way I reached the entrance to my colony. I halted the car and sat still for some time. There was a storm of emotions going through my mind. There was so much to say but there was nobody to talk to. I was going crazy in my head and I didn’t know what to do.

There must have been something wrong with me that day. Within a minute of my arriving there, I started my car again and started driving at a really fast speed. The rain was pouring hard. However, it did nothing to cool my aching heart. I wasn’t thinking logically. I was delusional. I was risking my life and the life of others.

It didn’t take much time for this to end. A few minutes later as I came into the Highway, I lost control of my vehicle at a point and crashed into a truck coming from the opposite side. I applied the brake and I guess the truck driver did too. But, it was too late. The accident was inevitable.

Three months later, while I’m writing this, I thank my stars for saving my life. Although the fact remains that I will be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of my life, I am happy to be alive. Things have changed for the better. Among the good things that happened is that I got the insurance money for the car and Karen has come back into my life. For the insurance, I had already planned by getting my car insured from one of the top car insurance companies in India. And, for Karen, I had to do some emotional drama. 

This insurance company among the top insurance companies in India helped me get a new car. My wife Karen helped me get a new life.

The Good Old Days: Nostalgia Or Poignancy

I remember my old days as an engineering student pursuing my graduation from a very reputed college in India.  I was pursuing my Bachelors in Electrical engineering which I recall as the most excruciating and grueling times of all these years.  I really struggled a lot as an engineering student in the college which kept us busy with bulky projects and assignments.  We used to find these tasks rather insipid and detested it the most as a college student. We kept Struggling till the last day of our graduation and felt really relieved when we were collectively exempted from the burdens of studies. 


I miss those days and often gets nostalgic which sometimes fetches tears in our eyes. I remember how hard I struggled in a project that we were assigned individually in which we had to make batteries for inverters. I really messed up everything.l as it was very difficult for me to construct such efficient batteries with hardly any knowledge and skill.  I then thought of buying one from the market and modifying it for the submission.  I kept looking for the batteries for days and ended up getting nothing. I wish we had the same resources as today where a single click can fetch you any material you want

Though I anyhow managed to buy myself a rugged battery from an old shop that used to deal in used batteries.  If you too are struggling to get the best battery, here is a website where you can look for the batteries at reasonable prices which performs perfectly and efficiently. 

I finally completed the project with the help of my friends who were diligent and industrious. The submission of the project was a bit haunting as we were being asked many questions on the project that we made. 

I miss those good old days,  a bit grueling but today when we look back,  it was better than today. At least we never had to think of any responsibility. The days were quite chill and had not as much pressure as we have today as a professional where we constantly are under the pressure to perform better as an employee in the multinational company

When we seek better lives,  we tend to follow our instincts and often gets Disillusioned by the promising career that we had assumed.  But the stark reality of life waits for you with open arms. 

I somehow managed to get into a decent company that took care of all my needs and made me what I am today. I used to detest the lectures but when today I look back and recalls those bunked lectures,  it really aches now. I wish if I had attended those lectures I would have been at a better place today. 

We really had damn good faculties and staff who kept working hard on us so that we create a better future for us.  

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Our Responsibility Towards Our Society

Life is not as easy as we think. We, as human beings, have many responsibilities towards our society and the people we stay beset with.  The society expects us to contribute to its growth and development in broader terms. They expect us to be nice towards others and maintain law and order in the society we stay in.  Any anti-social activity may lead to the society’s aversion towards ourselves which indeed is harmful to an individual who has been staying in the society as a gregarious element.

There are many incidents that keep on taking place within the society which is nauseating and shows that we lack in terms of etiquettes and manners. We tend to forget our responsibility as a human being towards other individuals sharing the same land with the same responsibilities and onus.  


Many cases of sexual harassment and eve-teasing can be seen to be reported over a very short span of time.  Is this humane?  Haven’t we forgotten our responsibilities and duties towards our fellow citizens? There are many cases of sexual harassment, eve-teasing, domestic violence against women and many other obnoxious and spitable offenses are being committed on a daily basis under the nose of the utmost security.  

Pestering someone over phones is also a sort of eve-teasing which is mostly faced by girls nowadays.  It’s getting very difficult for them to figure out the individual who pesters them. But with the advent and rise of the internet in the 21st century, one can use the internet to get the hang of whosoever is pestering the individual. There are websites like random address generator which creates fake addresses and makes it difficult to find the exact information about the one pestering incessantly. They constantly being pestered by anti-social elements over phones,  messages, social media and so on.  

The questioning hour that indeed is necessary

The question here is. How long will it persist in society.?  Who exactly is responsible for it? What should be our duty as a citizen?  When exactly are we going to take evasive actions to curb this problem which indeed is grave and causing trauma to the one being pestered? 

The main issue is the identity of the individual who makes such calls using unidentified numbers.  Many internet companies have now been coming up with many applications and web platforms where the identity of the individual using the number can be clarified following a few procedures.  These don’t even need to be meticulous. There are many random address generator available on the internet    Just a press of the key and the outcome pops up.  These tech-savvy companies have created plenty of applications that simplifies the identification of the individual to spot.  

So we as a responsible citizen should promote such apps and websites for the vigilance of the people we reside with.  It’s our duty to protect fellow citizens from being the victim of such traumatic experiences. We should be careful and tech-savvy enough to save ourselves from being prey to such anti-social activities being carried out by the anti-social elements of the same land.

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How To Improve Yourself Every Day

Self-improvement is not something that happens in a single day. It takes time for changing yourself and becoming a better version. Thre are a lot of things that you can do to make yourself better every day.  But you have to understand that you shouldn’t try to execute all things at once. Take small steps and make sure to form good habits for life. Here are some of the best ways to improve yourself. Go through this list and see which ones you can do to improve yourself.


  1. Meditate

Self -improvement means taking control of your mind. There is nothing as effective as meditation when it comes to taking control of your mind. Make sure to practice meditation every day. This can be the best thing for your mind and body.

  1. Exercise

Physical fitness plays a crucial role in the overall development of a person. When you are physically fit, you can accomplish a lot of things. Your physical fitness is also related to your mental fitness. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. This is very true and you have to accept this and do all you can to keep your body fit and active.

  1. Practice discipline

When you are disciplined, you see your life getting better. It is that virtue that you have to bring into your life and keep it with you for eternity. The best example of discipline is the Indian Army. When you observe the lifestyle of a soldier of any Indian Army ranks, you will see that his lifestyle is governed by his sense of discipline. Discipline is what makes a soldier strong from the inside. It is with discipline that a soldier gets promoted and gets higher positions in the Indian Army ranks.

  1. Be ready for change

One of the things that keep you from going far in life is the fear of change. This becomes a great hindrance for you if you do not deal with it. When you are ready for change, there is nothing that can stop you from beocming the best version of yourself. Its all about how you think of it. When you think that you can change and evolve, you will do it. 

  1. Keep learning

There is no end to learning. There is so much information in the world that you cannot learn everything. But, you can become a better person by learning something every day and doing something with that knowledge. Therefore, make sure to learn something every single day and be a better person than what you are today.

There are a lot of ways to become better. These are then ones that are the most efficient. I’m sure you will benefit from applying this into your life. Tell me about what you did today to improve yourself. Share your thoughts and ask some questions. I  would love to interact with you are be helpful. Thanks for taking out the time for reading this post. Please share this with someone who you think needs improvement in life.

Why do we wear Jewellery?

Jewellery holds a major place in Indian culture and many other regional practices in India. It’s been a part from over 5000 years ago. Today it has become an everyday part of almost every individual whether rural or urban. Putting on necklaces, rings and bracelets has become a habit of many people now. You can also see how the jewellery patterns and styles has changed over a period of time.


People coming from different backgrounds, caste and class share a different approach towards wearing all these items. People wear jewellery due to many reasons, it can be out of some religious practices, due to some astrological connection, some cultural practices or it can be a heritage thing as well. There may be many more reasons also but these are some of the most common reasons for wearing jewellery. Here we will talk about some of the  most common reasons behind wearing different kinds of jewellery by the people.

  • Jewellery is most common, when it comes to a Bridal function. The Bride is said to look beautiful when she has worn jewellery, it enhances the beauty of the bride. Beside all the other things while grooming up the bride, jewellery which matches her attire and personality is one of the most traditional things in Indain culture. Bride grabs her attention through the kind of jewellery she is wearing.
  • Another reason for wearing jewellery may be out of some religious belief. People of India are very strict when it comes to their religion, we have a diversity of religions in India. People believe that god resides in some or the other way. For example, gold is treated as a symbol of Goddess LAXMI, Goddess of wealth. 
  • Astrological beliefs is one more factor due to which many people wear rings, bracelets, pendants and other things also. These jewellery are customized according to the planet ruling your destiny at that time or to reduce the effect of the ruling planet.
  • Heritage things are also very common among people, rings or bracelets passed by families reminds people about their heritage. Many people keep heritage things just as a memory of some person.
  • Nowadays costume jewellery is trending very much among the young generation, this is just because they look really attractive and pretty to the people. They are cheaper in price and changes according to the trend.
  • While there are many people who wear all these things for some or the other purpose, many people wear it just because they look good with these accessories.

Here, I have discussed some of the situations and factors of why people wear jewellery, if you think there are some other reasons as well, you can comment it down and if you want to buy some kind of jewellery for your own or you want to make someone happy by gifting something elegant yet cool you can go to Charmons. They are offering some great discounts and deals on their products.

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Internet shopping – a trend to stay

When it comes to shopping, the US is a country that is at the top. Every year, millions of US individuals shop for almost everything. The internet is a hub for every kind of thing that you can find in physical stores. Because it is so easy to check things online, people prefer getting things right from their devices without going out anywhere. This has now become a trend all over the world.

But, how did this trend become a trend in the first place?

Let’s find out.

The internet was started in the 1980s and became popular in the 1990s. This was the time when computers where also getting more and more popular as a household electronic device. People were going crazy over the new technology. When it came to using the internet in these devices, there were some problems initially. But, eventually things got better and people started using the internet on a day to day basis. 

With the evolution of personal computers, the internet was also spreading its reach to more and more places. At one point in time, it had reached almost all parts of the world. By this time, cell phones had become the newest things in the market. There was then a time when people started accessing the internet on their cell phones. This was a major revolution that marked the beginning of the era of internet shopping.

The genesis of online shopping

Major brands in the market started investing in building portals for online shopping that would make it convenient for consumers to view their products right from where they are without having to come to a physical store.

As years rolled by, the e-commerce industry grew larger and expanded more and more. Brands like Amazon, Flipkart and others joined the competition and made internet shopping easier. While there were a lot of websites on the internet for e-commerce business, there were only a few which could make it large. Amazon and Flipkart are two such shopping websites which have a strong hold on the market, especially in India.

People come to these websites looking for a variety of things. There are offers and deals on these websites all through the year. For details on offers and sale dates on Flipkart, check out this website. Here you will find a list of the sales dates for the year 2019. These are the days when you get discounts, deals and other offers from Flipkart.

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