How To Set up Your Goal Successfully

Goal setting is one of the most important things that you need to do the right way to get the right results. When done the right way, it can set give your life a sense of direction and you will eventually succeed in your endeavour. Here is a list of the steps that you can follow to make sure that you stick to your goals and accomplish them.

  1. Believe in yourself: The initial step to set up your goal is to have faith in yourself and believe that you can do it no matter what obstacles come ahead of you. If you cannot believe that you can transform your life and achieve what you want, goal setting won’t work for you. Whenever you doubt yourself, just take a look around you. Whatever you see around today was just an idea once. It all begins with a thought.
  1. Visualize your goals: Think of what you truly desire from your life. Make an analysis of the things you need to learn to make your work and your life better. Think clearly about your goals and you can focus on making them happen.
  1. Write down your goals: To put it in a better way, write down your goals in a place where you can see them every day. This will help you to keep track of your goals and you will not forget about them. This is a very effective step in the process of transformation into a more productive person.
  1. Stay updated: There is no harm in learning about your field and being aware of everything related to your goals. Let me explain with an example. Let’s say you are a trader who has trades in currencies from all over the world. You will be hugely benefitted from learning about the value of world currencies. If you are unaware of where you can find info about the value of world currencies, visit
  1. Stay committed: Make a commitment to do your best to achieve your goals. Write down why and how you are committing yourself to the goals. Write down how you are going to make it happen. Make sure that you are committed enough to never back down. Read inspiring stories of entrepreneurs that can help you stay motivated round the clock.
  1. Review your goals: To ensure that your actions are in the right direction, make sure that you review your goals every day. This will help you to convert your plans into action steps. It will also ensure that you are not stuck in the way.
  1. Celebrate your achievements: Take the time to enjoy your achievements and celebrate them with your employees, co-workers or your loved ones. Thank the people who helped you in the process. These little doses of celebration can boost you to work more committedly towards your goals.

Follow these steps and stay focused on your goals every day. These will help you to stay on track and push you through tough times. There will be days when you find it difficult to remain focused, but if your goal is clear you won’t be much affected. Do the best you can and you might one day become a part of the most inspiring stories of entrepreneurs.


Why Is Gaming So Important

Is there anyone you know who doesn’t like to play games? I guess there isn’t. Games are an integral part of human lives. They shape us into recreation beings who know how to relax and have fun. Games are an ideal form of recreation and a great way to keep ourselves fit and active. It also teaches us some ethics and values which helps us live better lives. There are times when we forget the importance of games. This became the reason for not playing games regularly. In this article, I have listed some points that you should remember while playing games. Read on to find out.

Points to remember while playing games:

  • The objective of any game is to reach a target. To do this you need to follow certain rules. Make sure you adhere to these rules and not manipulate the game in any way.
  • Games help you improve your decision-making skills and make you strong enough to face challenges
  • There are so many different formats of games. There are outdoor games and then there are online games. Some games can be played alone. Others have to be played in a team. Some can be played easily while others require great focus.


What are the benefits of playing games?

  • Games are a great way to increase the retention power and enhance the competitive spirit in an individual.
  • You get to learn a lot about coordination and your creativity reaches its peak level.
  • There are a lot of lessons that you can learn from playing games. It is one of the best ways to keep learning and growing.
  • It helps in reducing stress levels and making you feel more relaxed. You get good sleep after playing your favourite game and getting really tired.
  • You become more focused as the game you play needs you to real a goal which can be reached only when you concentrate. This means that your focus level will increase.
  • You develop a healthy lifestyle which will help you achieve success in every aspect of life. You become focused towards making your life better and in the process help others too.

While there are many advantages of playing outdoor games, there are advantages of playing online games as well. If you are a xbox fan and love to play xbox games, here is a tool that lets you generate unique and interesting usernames. I’m sure you will love it. This has helped me get a very unique name which I have been using for my xbox account.

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Most Popular International Music Genres

There are many types of music genres in the world. Some of these are so popular that they have been accepted worldwide and fusioned with other forms of music genres to create a different music genre. Music genres all over the world which have got recognition worldwide and have fans all over the world are mentioned in this post. Take a look at this list and enhance your music genre knowledge. See if you find your favourite music genres on the list.

1. Pop Music

This formation of this music genre can be traced back to the 1950s. The typical feature of this music genre is that they are short. The length of the songs is on average 3 minutes. The modern pop music has elements of electronic music in them. It is one of the most popular forms of music for the youth today.

2. Rock


There was a time when pop and rock music were considered to be synonymous. However, with the passage of time and the evolution of the music industry, a clear distinction and definition was set for rock music. Although rock music was considered to be a deviation of pop music, the origin of rock music can be traced back to the 1940s. Since then rock music has evolved a lot and it will keep evolving in the future as well.

3. Electronic

This music genre has been developed into a unique genre. It had been into the picture since the introduction of electronic equipments. Electronic music is created from electronic devices like microphones and electronic oscillators which are then recorded and edited to form the desired music.

4. Hip-hop

Hip-hop is a music genre which is growing in popularity every year. It had its origin from the Jamaican reggae and dancehall music which was quite popular in the late 1960s. It got popular in the US and eventually all over the world. There are very few musical instruments which are needed to create hip hop music.

5. Metal

This is one of the genres that use loud music and aggression in the songs. There are many sub-categories of this music genre. You can listen to thousands of metal songs on SoundCloud. There are so many metal songs playlists to listen to. You can now even download your favourite metal songs from SoundCloud using this link.

That was all on the list of the most popular international music genres in the world today. Music has been evolving since its origin. You will likely see newer forms of genres in the coming years. This simply means that you will have more to listen and choose from.

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Unlimited Potential That Brains Carry

We humans have been categorised as the most creative and sensible creature on the planet with a viscous spongy lump of muscles at the top of our body, covered and protected by a cage of bones and draped with hair in most of the cases.

This uppermost part of the human is considered to have the powers that if brought into action, can create another universe. Its complexities are the reason behind the incorrigible insomnia of many scientists and psychologists. Many of them have already left for their heavenly abode and could not even unfold a single strand that it holds.

What does it contain?

The brain is crammed full of billions of nerve cells forming constellations and patterns that coordinate thought, emotion, behaviour, movement and sensation. The whole brain is an aggregation of different parts carrying out specific functions along with controlling everything from our heart rate to your mood.

Brain governs the entire body by coordinating with the muscles that receive the signals transmitted by it.

The brain is home of the universe


It is the brain that led to the discoveries and inventions and solved complicated mysteries. The brain is considered to have limitless powers. It has unfathomable potential accompanied by a complex nature.

Our initial beliefs

Scientists used to believe based on few propagated theories and raw researches that we can use only up to twelve to thirteen per cent of the entire brain. They firmly believed that the people with the highest IQs who walked the earth have used up to twelve per cent of the brain in their lifetime which indeed was proven wrong by further researches and experiments.

Unfolding secrets

Further studies revealed the fact that we use almost the entire brain in our whole life while performing various activities. Every activity we perform, from playing a musical instrument or sketching to solving problems on websites like, our brain never ceases working. We use our brain even during our naps and slumbers.

Have we ever tested the IQ that we possess?

We can test the potential of our brain by using various means and methods. Playing brain games and solving puzzles are few of the ways to see how fast your brain works. Besides this, you can test your brain by solving aptitude and maths question on websites like, luminosity and the likes.

Can we improve our brain power?

Yes, we can improve the brain at any stage of our life by constructing a few good habits and eliminating the bad ones. We are sure to see a hike in our brain potential if we follow the regime and practice deliberately.

What are the basic steps to walk down the corridor of brain development?

The limitations of our brain can be decreased and the IQ can be increased with unbeatable memory by inculcating few easy but most powerful habits in our day to day life. The methods depicted in the length go a long way in boosting our brain. These may be hard in the beginning but continuous efforts and dedication will certainly bear fruits.

  • Play chess and brain games
  • Spell backwards
  • Read thought-provoking books
  • Learn to speed read
  • Learn to juggle and spin
  • Listen to classical music
  • Read laterally inverted scripts
  • Breathe deeply
  • Watch Tedx and A-fest talks
  • Solve maths and aptitude questions

Hope the article helps you in understanding the brain and unfolding its potential. Lets us know your honest feedbacks by commenting below. Your comments help us increase our potential.

Skills You Need As An Employee Or As A Fresher

With increasing competition and growing clans of the consumers in every aspect, the recruiters look for professionals adept in making and delivering presentations that entice and compel the investors and consumers to take the required action.

It is very crucial for the companies to stand in the sea of markets flooded with minds soaked in competitive spirit and passion for work.

With growing competitions among the companies, the recruiters are bound to look for high-class professionals with a healthy competitive spirit to survive in the market. They are in quest of professionals who can add values to their organisation and help the company to stay intact to the market with its head held high and feet firmly planted to the ground.

Today, in the article I will be unfolding the top skills that we need to learn as a professional to hit the recruiters expectations. These skills are crucial for every candidate seeking a job to serve the corporate world.

From managing to clear the threshold to the survival in the industry, these skills will protect you from hitting back the door even in the direst of the situations like recessions and steep performances.


Communication skills

The way you serve and use your words and your abilities to give and receive different kind of information decides what comes to you at the end of the day. Communication skills involve listening, speaking, observing and empathizing. It is the need of the hour and must be worked upon for increasing your prospects.

Computer skills

Recruiters have started to look for employees adept in computerised technology to get the work done and that is the reason behind computer skills having become increasingly important.  Job seekers who are at home in Microsoft Office, Spreadsheets, PowerPoint, Microsoft Access, QuickBooks, Email, Web and Social Skills, Graphic and Writing Skills are likely to bag in more attention of the recruiters.

Presentation skill

You need to have a strong presentation skill to perfectly convince the audience through your slides and truth tables. You can use to perform and constructs your presentation that fetches you compliments. is the best platform for generating tables for your slides that are based on complex numbers to simplify it for the listeners.


Are you the bird who avoids flocking together and prefer working alone ignoring the other? Then you are not the one company is looking for. They rather prefer to hire someone who is good at working with a group or a team.

Analytical and problem solving

It is an ability of any employee to meticulously examine a series of information or a situation in order to spot key or important elements, their strengths and weaknesses and use these to compile a persuasive argument, make recommendations or solve the problem that persists.

Strong work ethics

You should have strong work ethics which paints your loyalty and dedication towards your work and the company. Your principles should be your introduction to the company.

Other important skills that you need are interpersonal skills, a stronghold on social media literacy and your ability to be creative and innovative with critical and logical thinking skills.

These skills may seem daunting to some but plays a vital role in deciding your future with any company. The above-discussed skills not only helps to make your way into your dream company as a student burning midnight oil for placements but also as a professional in the corporate world.

No one is born with these skills but should work towards acquiring them. Take small steps after identifying the skill you need the most for your dream job.

Someone rightly said, “A step towards what you fear is a mile towards mastering it.” 

Our Notions And Inventions

The art of calculation is one of the most valuable skills that fetches awe from the people that surround you. It used to be a notion not to use calculators while calculating numbers because they thought it to be a taboo that hampers your mental ability and deprives your brain of energies you might need to carry out the burden of your life.

What possibly could be the reason?

I hardly get the reason behind the debate on such strange and useless topics. People who think of calculators as a useless invention are the people failing to walk neck to neck with the present scenario. With the increasing competitions in terms of skills with speed and accuracy, we can not afford to lag behind just because of our obstinate principles.  

Our being obstinate with principles

Developing brain and staying glued to our obstinate principles are poles apart from each other. What the older generation thinks about a student using calculators may be debatable but being able to cross the vast seal of opportunities is not a cakewalk. If we keep looking back bothering about the crow on the branch, we might not be able to land ourselves into a  place that promises us a better life.


Meant for even higher purposes

I too criticize the use of calculators for knocking down just a few strings of numbers. If we can not calculate a few strings using our ancestral techniques then we do not deserve to use their inventions either. We need to rethink the process over and over again before coming to any conclusion on such serious discussions.

There are far and better usages of calculators and the platforms that are created to serve the same purpose. Our using it merely to stay stuck to our comfort zone is completely detestable and must be condemned. Using this wonderful invention to add eggs and hens will just cast slur to its existence instead of appreciations.

Different aspects of the same coin.

Everything comes with some advantages and some disadvantages and can be debated on its use and misuse, on its dos and don’ts and so on. What should be our take on this as an intelligent and responsible inhabitant? Should we keep discussing and keep denigrating it for the consequences of our own actions? Or we need to take responsibility and use it in the best possible way to generate more productive results?

Making the most of the technologies

Using calculators and the similar platforms in the field of advanced scientific and mathematical researches, higher education, businesses and in dealing with infinite irritating numbers. We should be using it in the best to carry out higher complex problems. This has been made even easier with the creation of online platforms that performs unimaginable calculations effortlessly. Here is the link to the website that can make the calculations easier.

Conscious and deliberate use

We should be mindful while using a calculator. Every good and bad aspects should be meticulously taken care of. Let’s not make it a taboo anymore. It’s a beautiful creation of our people who have tirelessly worked to provide us with it to make our life liveable.

Comment below to let us know what you think about the use of calculators and the websites that do the calculation.

Productive Use Of Mobile Phones

I often wonder how difficult it is for the people today to ditch their mobile phone even for a second. I, every now and then, come across teens loitering in the streets with ears stuffed with the earphones, pretending to be indulged in some productive listening.

The mobile phone has invaded almost every aspect of our lives, leaving hardly any space for self-introspection. It stays glued to us for most of the times. We seem to have made it a part and parcel of our body and mind as an extension of it. This beautiful creation of the humans can either make or mar our future which entirely depends on how we use it to the best of our knowledge and calibre.

In this article, I will be sharing a few crucial tips on making the most out of our mobile phones in ways that are profoundly productive and easily accessible. Instead of killing your precious time on phones doing things that bring nothing in your lap, you can use it for the following beneficial works that confirm you personal and professional growth:

Use it to :

1. Increase Knowledge and learn skills:

Instead of scrolling down your Instagram or Facebook profiles, you can utilize the time for expanding your knowledge base and learn new skills for better prospects. There are ample websites and applications that help you achieve excellence in your desired discipline. You need these skills as a student, as a parent, as a professional, as an artist or be it anything. I am listing below a few websites to serve the same purpose:

  • TedEd
  • Zenpencils
  • Duolingo
  • Khan Academy
  • Quora
  • BigThink

2. Earn Fame:

Everyone wants recognition for his attributes. You can walk down the lanes of prominence through creative works on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. It needs a bit of creativity mixed with patience and consistency for a certain span of time. Here I share a link that might help you profoundly in this relevance. You can earn money also on these platforms by getting sponsors and advertisements, once you get enough followers and subscribers. Keep improving your skills and get better every single day.

3. Read or listen to audiobooks:


Readers are Leaders. The more you read, the better you become. We can improve our brain by reading more and more, making the best use of mobile phones. You can read online on Kindle, Scrib, Blurb, Google Books, Smashwords, Open Library, etc. If you hate reading, you can simply listen to the audiobooks from, LibriVox, Libby, Oodles, Kobo and other similar platforms. Listening is easier and consumes lesser time compared to reading which increases your chances of reading even more.

4. Do Online Courses and Earn Certifications:

There are plenty of websites that offer online courses with certifications at the end of the courses. Most of these courses are free but they might charge you some fees for certifications. These websites include Edx, Coursera, Udemy, Lynda, Udacity, Alison and many more. These websites offer thousands of affiliated courses from the top universities of the world. What are you waiting for? Enroll and build your CV for professional hikes.

I hope these tips will help you attain peak performances and high standards. Kindly let me know which tips you are going to try. Also, let me know if I missed anything important.