Advantages Of Taking Online Courses For GATE Preparation

The GATE Exam is an entrance exam for engineering students. This exam is held once every year. One of best ways to prepare for this exam is to enrol for a Correspondence Course. This will help you study and prepare according to your preference and timetable.

To get a high score in the GATE examination is very important for an engineering student. However, since this is one of the toughest exams in India, it is not so easy to crack. Along with self study, one needs to use tools and resources that can help them prepare for the exam well. Using tools like online GATE calculator can help you in your preparation.

A very crucial step that needs to be taken to score well in the GATE examination is to get enrolled for a good GATE Course. These are various institutes in India which are known to provide proper training for GATE preparation.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of these online training institutes for GATE preparation.

Lets you learn from home

The good thing about these online institutes for GATE Correspondence Courses is that they allow candidates to learn from home. Students who get enrolled for these programs  do not have to attend any coaching classes. He/she can learn from home by using all the study materials provided by the institute.

Online mock tests

The correspondence courses are in no way different from the normal classes in terms of the strategy, guidance and study material provided to the candidates. The candidates for correspondence even undergo several online mock tests which is great for preparation.


One great thing about Correspondence Course is that it provides a lot flexibility to the students. One can study according to their preference and according to their own pace and timetable. There is no rush or unnecessary pressure involved which is very much the case with regular classes.

Saves a lot of time

Another advantage of taking a correspondence course is that it saves a lot of time. Due to the fact that the correspondence course provide home training, there is no time spent travelling to the institute and attending the classes.

Thus, we see that a GATE Correspondence Course can be really beneficial for students.

GATE is a very important exam for engineering students. Hence, it is very important to ensure the proper use of all the resources and tools available for preparation. Enrolling for GATE Correspondence Courses and using GATE calculator are some steps that can help in preparing well for the test.

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Free Online Calculators And Their Uses

Besides the simple online calculator that lets you perform simple mathematical calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, there are other complex calculators known as scientific calculators. These calculators are mostly used by medical and engineering students. Other versions of online calculators include those which are useful for calculating financial transactions and various other purposes. This article tells you about the various kinds of popular free online calculators.

There are certain occasions in our daily lives when we are in the need of calculators. Most people do not like the idea of carrying around a physical calculator for the purpose of calculation. This is where online calculators come into the picture. Online calculators have several uses in our everyday life. We need such calculators to do mathematical operations or for changing the value of a currency to another. There are various websites where you get to use free calculators. The common forms of calculators are those which are used for solving common mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

These online calculators are used by people from all walks of life like students, mathematicians, bankers and financial enthusiasts. Let’s take a look at the popular types of online calculators and their uses.

Uses of Online Calculators

Online calculators have multiple benefits. Apart from completing some basic mathematical calculations, these calculators help you in doing many more things. Many of these are actually used to perform some specific functions. There are free online calculators which help you discover your body weight based on your height and age. There are calculators which help you take the right financial decision. Similarly, credit calculators can help you figure out the necessary payments. Besides, there are various currency converters which let you convert one currency into another. By using these online calculators, a lot of your time and effort can be saved and you can become more productive and resourceful.

Other than these simple calculators, there are other complex calculators which are generally known as scientific calculators. These calculators are designed for science students, especially for the ones from the medical and engineering field. Apart from these, the people dealing with real estate property and investors use specific online calculators for solving their problems.

Below are some of the free online calculators:

Mortgage loan calculator: This helps you calculate monthly or yearly mortgage loan payments. This helps you take the right economic decision.

Tax calculator: This kind of calculator lets you calculate the different kinds of tax applicable to certain items/services in your region. There are different tax calculators for different taxes. is a website that is useful for businesses in the UK. With the usage of the calculator from, you can instantly calculate the VAT contained within a total amount or the VAT charged on a net amount.

Scientific calculator: These type of calculator are specifically used by students and professionals of medical and engineering department for solving the problems related to their field of study.

Pregnancy calculator: These are also called due date calculators. These calculators can be used to know the upcoming date of birth of a baby.

Disadvantages Of Mutual Funds

Mutual fund investments have created a hype in the financial world today. While Mutual Funds are popular because of their advantages, there are certain disadvantages of mutual funds that can help you decide if mutual fund is the right investment option for you. This article explains some of the disadvantages of mutual fund investments. Take a look to understand more:

  1. High cost:

One of the major disadvantages of mutual funds is that there are high costs associated with them in relation to the returns they bring.

  1. No intraday-trading on mutual funds:

In case you want to trade your mutual fund, you will not be aware of the NAV when you lock in the trade. This is because of the fact that NAV is settled at the end of each trading day.

  1. No Control Over Portfolio.

Mutual Funds are managed by fund managers. When you invest in mutual funds, you give your consent to fund managers to invest your money in the best financial instruments. The downside to this is that you will not have any control over your investments. All your investment decisions will be taken by the fund manager.

  1. Untrustworthy fund managers will end up costing you money.

Unworthy fund managers may cost you more money than you can gain from the mutual funds. The performance of a mutual fund depends on how successful the fund manager is in managing the funds. Therefore, make sure that you do some research on the fund manager before you invest in any kind of mutual funds.

  1. Index Does Better

In some cases, the stock index outperforms mutual funds. Nevertheless, this is highly dependent on the mutual fund the investor has invested in and the skill sets of the fund manager.

  1. Over-diversification.

There are many benefits of diversification. However, there are certain drawbacks of over-diversification. The more securities you hold, the less likely it is that you will see their individual returns on your portfolio.

  1. Unpredictable returns

Though mutual funds promise high returns, it is practically not possible to find a mutual fund with a guaranteed return.

These were some of the disadvantages of mutual funds. It is advisable to do an analysis of the best mutual funds in India before making any investment. Here is a website that shows you the top mutual funds in India that are worth your investment. Take a look at the list and it will help you decide which mutual fund investments to go with. One of the factors that make mutual fund investments worthy is that you do not have to keep track of the market ups and downs. Your money gets invested in various stocks, bonds and shares.

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The Do’s and Don’ts for YouTube

If you have been wondering about how successful YouTubers work and what they do to sustain their viewership, this is the right article for you. This article contains the do’s and don’ts for setting up your YouTube channel. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Let’s go through the do’s first:

Start with a plan.

This is a no-brainer, yet you need to understand the importance of this step. A lot of YouTubers do not consider one important factor that makes them fail in the long run. We are talking about targeting the right audience. You need to understand the fact that different audience types have different expectations. Therefore, you must target the audience accordingly and use the right approach to grow your channel. Have a well-planned routine for your content. Be consistent. This will make you more professional.

Post relevant content.

Having a YouTube channel might tempt you to post random contents which seem interesting to you. You might have more than one interest and you would like to create videos related to these interests and post them on your channel. It is advisable to avoid doing this as it can not only harm your SEO but it can make you appear naive and unprofessional. If you have videos of different genres, you can create separate channels for each of them.

Link your social media profiles.

One of the best ways to boost up your video engagement is to share your videos on social media channels. Share links to your channel and vice versa. Mention links to your social media profiles on the videos. This will give a professional edge to your profile and boost your online presence. Additionally, it works great for your SEO.

Now, let’s look at the don’ts:

Compromise on quality.

Having low-quality videos or videos which are not customized appropriately won’t really help you get engagement. You need to ensure that you shoot your videos with a good camera and make it look professional.

Ignore the analytics.

Ignoring analytics may cost you dearly. A lot of time and effort goes into making videos. Analytics will help you understand which videos are giving you higher returns and which are not. Therefore, it is an essential part of the process which shouldn’t be avoided. is a website that lets you calculate the estimated earnings from a YouTube video or channel.

Overdo it

In case you have a lot of videos created and ready to upload, do not be tempted to do it at once. When you post a lot of content at once, your audience may not really like it. The best thing to do when you have a lot of content is to upload them consistently at fixed intervals of time.

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A Closer Look at Canadian GST/HST

This article gives you an insight into the basics of GST/HST in Canada. Read on to know the basics of GST/HST in Canada and find out if your business needs a GST/HST registration. Sales Tax in Canada is the tax applied to the sale of products or rendering of services. Following are the sales tax levied in Canada on the basis of region:

1. PST

PST or Provincial Sales Tax is a tax imposed on every province of Canada except Alberta.

2. GST

GST or Goods and Services Tax is a Federal Tax. This tax is imposed by the federal government of Canada. This is applicable to all provinces of Canada.

3. HST

This tax is a combination of GST and HST. The Canadian provinces where this is applicable are Ontario, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island. There are no separate GST and PST for these provinces. They pay one combined tax which is known as HST. Click here to check this amazing website where they let you calculate HST instantly.

4. QST and RST

QST stands for Quebec Sales Tax. This is a provisional sales tax that is to be paid by business owners in Quebec. RST or Retail Sales Tax is a provisional sales tax to be paid by merchants in Manitoba. The business owners from Quebec and Manitoba are also required to pay GST.

Based on the province where your business is set up, you need to collect GST, HST or a combination of both.


Let’s take a look at the GST/HST rules you need to know about.

When is a GST/HST Registration needed?

GST/HST Registration for a business in Canada is required when the turnover for your business is over CAD $30,000. On registering for GST/HST, you will be given a business number. This number will be used by your business as a part of your invoice. You will have to display this number on your invoices.

What are the Sale Tax Rates?

When you are selling to customers within your province in Canada, you need to apply tax rates that are applicable in your province. When you are selling to customers who are outside your province, the tax rate of that province is applicable. The same is applicable when you are a seller from some other part of the world and you are selling to customers residing in Canada.

Now take a look at the breakdown of the tax rates when you are collecting tax from a HST-applicable province:

13% for Ontario

13% for Newfoundland and Labrador

14% for Prince Edward Island

15% for New Brunswick

15% for Nova Scotia

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Must-Have Features For GST Calculator

Days before the implementation of the GST Law in India, businesses and enterprises across the country were confused about the process of GST calculation. Businesses realized that GST calculations were going to be troublesome in the beginning. They knew that the slightest glitch in calculation could lead to heavy losses. This is when they decided to use software and online tools for the purpose. There are GST calculators which simplify the process of GST calculation and assures about the accuracy. These calculators help you find out the net profit and impact of GST on businesses. While there are a lot of options for online GST calculator in India, there are certain features that make a GST calculator reliable and trustworthy.

1. Multiple device support

The implementation of GST has made it mandatory for every business to be compliant. With the introduction of the invoice matching concept, every taxable individual now remains in the value chain for GST tax filing and returns. This has impacted the compliance rating of businesses which deal with any sort of supply related to goods and services. Thus, it is necessary to do any GST-related calculations in calculators which have multiple device support so that the calculations can be done as and when required.

2. Regular Updation

Calculations in GST might be subject to changes as per GST rules and regulations. An ideal GST calculator should have quick updation according to these changes. Adaptation to the new changes in tax rates of products and services is one essential feature of a GST calculator in India. A GST calculator which has such a feature can make it really simple to perform GST calculations more accurately.

3. High Accuracy

In the previous tax system, businesses relied on accounting software and chartered accountants for tax-related calculations. After the coming of GST, the entire tax system was changed and hence there were changes in the GST-related calculations. To understand the business’s profits and losses, you need to have a calculator that gives you results with high-accuracy. Having errors during GST-calculation can have a huge impact on the business in the form of financial loss. Hence, a GST calculator must have the ability to calculate the different tax liabilities such as SGST, CGST, IGST and UTGST according to the rates provided under the GST Law.

Bottom Line

With the implementation of GST Act, GST calculators have become necessary tools for every business. Many business owners have already started making use of GST calculators. The above-mentioned features of GST calculators make them trustworthy. GST calculator is a tool you will be using for a long time. Therefore, it is advisable to choose the best one which has all these features and is easy to use.

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How Do Mutual Funds Work

The age-old custom of keeping your money in a savings account in banks is gradually getting replaced by various other means of utilizing money. A lot of new investment options have come up in the recent times. These investment options have performed beyond expectations. There are various options for investment today. Among these, one of the simplest yet effective investment options today are mutual fund investments.

Let’s take a closer look at mutual funds to understand how it works and what benefits it can bring you.

Companies dealing in mutual funds collect money from the investors and look for profit-yielding options such as stocks, debt instruments, etc. of various companies. The money invested by individual investors are pooled together by the fund managers and are set up to be used mostly for infrastructural developments and various other innovative projects by various companies and agencies.

Investments made in mutual funds grow by the averaging of return-cost ratio and the power of compounding. When you hand over your money to the fund managers for investment, you give them the responsibility to manage your funds in such a way that brings you maximum profit. The returns made by your money are reinvested at a constant rate every year.  The interests and dividends also keep growing consistently. This is the reason for a substantial increase in the amount you invested at the end of the investment period. This is the basic principle behind the working of mutual funds.

How investment in mutual funds can benefit you?

Investing in mutual funds can fulfil a lot of necessities of an individual. Here are some of the benefits you get from mutual fund investment:

  • You can learn to manage your expenses
  • You can earn extra from your savings.
  • You can create extra income that can support you to meet unforeseen expenses.
  • You can secure your future.
  • You can contribute to the overall economic welfare of the country.

What are the costs involved in mutual fund investment?

While mutual fund investment brings in a lot of profit, there are some expenses involved in the process. The various costs involved in mutual fund investment include asset management costs, transaction costs, holding fees and other taxes. The amount that is actually invested is the amount derived after deducting all these expenses. In spite of all these expenses, mutual funds really do well in the long run. Such is the power of compounding. Investing for a long term is therefore advisable to get better returns on your investments. So, if you are looking for an investment plan that gives you the returns similar to stock investment but with lesser risk, mutual funds are the right choice for you. To calculate and compare mutual fund returns, visit www.sipinvestment

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